"It is not bigotry to be certain we are right; but it is bigotry to be unable to imagine how we might possibly have gone wrong."
- G.K. Chesterton

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Does God Exist?

Skeptics have asked this question for as long as we have human history, and often their reasons for doubting sound pretty convincing.  In this age, we tend to depend on logic and the scientific method to determine truth, and Ultimate Truth is no exception.  Does it make sense to believe in something that exists in a realm undetectable by our natural senses?  Or is it even valid to apply truth-telling tools such as logic and natural science to a concept that is bound by neither?  People on all sides of the spectrum of belief have used and abused these tools in an effort to prove to themselves and others what makes most sense to them, but the debate rages on.  Some may suggest that the debate is over, that the existence of God is either beyond doubt or beyond belief.  Who's right?  Will we ever know?

More than this, if God does exist, which one?  For as long as mankind has wrestled with the question of God and the Meaning of Life, he seems to have come up with countless versions.  Whether it's an impersonal Divine Watchmaker, a loving Savior God, a wrathful God of Judgment, an all-encompassing God of Nature, or many specialized deities, history shows us just how many permutations of "God" creative minds can come up with.  But if God does exist, surely all these religions cannot be right?  In fact, many religions exclude all others...so it clearly cannot be that all are equally valid.  And if God's existence is so hard to prove, how can we possibly hope to answer questions of His Divine Nature?

I was raised in a Christian home, so from an early age I thought I knew the answers to these questions.  It wasn't until College that I began to wonder if I was right and decided that I owed it to myself and to any children I may have to explore why I was a Christian, and if it held up to the many tests that have been brought before it.  I decided to focus on the realm of knowledge that, in my opinion, was most relevant to the discussion: science and logic.  Other people may have different reasons for doubting God's existence, but for me, I simply had to know that belief in God didn't contradict established facts of nature.  If God created the universe and everything in it, then surely Creation would bear the evidence of its Creator.

And so, I began a summer-long study of the questions I had, and decided to develop a series of presentations so that others could benefit from what I found.  I began with one set of beliefs, and emerged from the study with a different set.  Not everything changed.  In fact, the beliefs most central to my worldview became much stronger as a result of this project.  But other beliefs, such as how old the earth is and whether Creation Science should thusly be named, had to change under the weight of the evidence I found.  As a result, my beliefs regarding God and Christianity are stronger than they've ever been, and precisely because I know why I hold them.

This site contains the results of my exploration in the form of eight videos covering a range of topics I believe should be of fundamental importance to anyone.  If it turns out God does exist and eternal suffering is the consequence of unbelief, wouldn't you wish you'd explored the possibility further?  Regardless of what you believe, I hope you'll consider the arguments I lay out, and if nothing else, explore these issues further for yourself.  At the very least, you should emerge from the experience more knowledgeable about why you believe what you believe, even if it disagrees.

- Brian Frantz

How Great Thou Art: A Series of Videos Covering Evidences and Arguments for Christianity

Sources are cited in the videos, but a list of those resources which were especially helpful is available here.

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